Sunday, September 30, 2012

Off the list - The Five Love Languages

I can't believe it took me a month, but I did! Finally finished reading "The Five Love Languages."

I work with two straight guys who are in the male spectrum extremes. Guy#1 is known for his almost-female tendencies yet roguish demeanor. Guy#2 is the King of Calm and pragmatism. Both are smart and funny. Why are they in this post?

Towards the end of 2011, I shared the concept of "Love Languages" with my team mates. Over smokes and  horseplay, I braved the geek spotlight. Guy#1's reaction wast - duh... I don't buy it. Guy#2 shrugged it off with a polite smile.

The concept of "Love Languages" gave me all the answers that I needed about my romantic relationship. The book presented itself to me, several years ago, when I was about to crack. The book showcased testimonials from couples who went through seminars and counselling sessions. They became successful in their quest to deepen their relationships through a basic understanding and profound appreciation of the concepts presented --- all translated to hard work, time and effort. Secret of success? Both husband and wife were into communicating effectively using the language/s that their partners preferred.

With Guy#1 and Guy#2's reactions to the concept, I'm beginning to see how things will end. For me.

My husband's primary love language is "Acts of Service." My little girl's showing signs of preference for "Touch." Knowing what I know now, I'll have to strive to communicate through service and touch - at home. Meanwhile, I love "Words" and nobody seems to give a freaking flying fuck about it.

Did I just curse? Yep. What else is left for me to do? Nobody said love's fun.

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