Tuesday, July 24, 2012


27 years ago. I was combing Lola Gloria's hair one lazy Saturday afternoon. While I was trying to make two even sections of hair, first step in my attempt to make perfect pigtails of her very very long hair, I started shouting - IPIS! IPIS! IPIS! That was my first encounter with kuto.

Last month, I woke up one Sunday and started thinking about Lola Gloria. I haven't seen her since Lolo Dondo, her husband, died. And that was a little over five years ago. I was flooded with vivid images.

I have Lola Gloria to thank for the very many trips to the kangkungan (kangkong farm) when I was very little until when I was around seven years old - when the farm turned into a depressed community and all the greens were overthrown by people and garbage. I'd tag along when she'd bring lunch/snack, in a hard core ratan basket, for Lolo Dondo. I have Lola Gloria's family, and my father, to thank for close encounters with nature. I remember her everytime I talk to my plants.

During the latter years of her alzheimers, Lola's dementia took away so many of her memories. In fact, when Lolo Dondo died, she thought that one of her sons passed away and she kept saying during the wake that Lolo went to the movies. She also kept saying that we should go home because the owners of the house need to go to sleep (we were in their own house). She couldn't remember the names of a lot of people... but she never forgot mine. Ako yata ang unang apo, I rock. I know, I know...

Last month, when I thought about Lola Gloria.. I wondered if she's just waiting to see me (and a lot of her grandchildren) before she bids the earth goodbye. She's been bedridden for such a long time and I couldn't understand why someone's letting her stay in that condition... She's the kindest person I know. She didn't deserve to suffer.

Lola Gloria died today. I should have seen her last month.


  1. kristinedianne187/24/2012 05:42:00 PM

    will pray for your dear lola..
    my condolences..

  2. Condolences ate Yods. I was the favorite grandchild of my grandma and I was spoiled until my teenage days. She was (still is) one of the most influential people in my life and losing her was very devastating to the younger me.

    Something I want to share:

    Kanina, Tuesday morning (24th), Shy had a dream where she lost a tooth. We were making fun of her dream, until around midnight we heard from ate angel that Lola Gloria passed away.

    We were in Tatalon around afternoon of the same day, we were on our way somewhere and decided to drive around your house just because. We didn't drop off, we just drove by, and nakita namin na may tolda sa tapat ng bahay nila Tita Idong. We paid no heed, we didn't see the connection.

    We hope you're doing good. Hi to Pot and Kuya Wiwin from Shy and me.

    -Cezar (or Dok?)

  3. At least she'll live on in your memories :-)