Sunday, July 22, 2012

Creepy Egg-Induced Thought

I subscribed to Femilia.Com just because I'm curious about so many things... Haha! The subscription gets me email notifications for when I'm ovulating and for when I'm due to have the red fairy visit. I just ignore these emails. I only check to validate dates or when some weird things happen... just like last week.

On my way to the ladies' room, I had an anxiety attack over when I should get pregnant again. I started worrying about menopause, menopause babies and how the little one's life will be like without a sibling. I started counting in years... if I should stop smoking at least two years before I get pregnant, when do I start counting? Etc., etc., etc.,

I was preparing to talk to the hubby about the baby blues... Then I checked my personal email. Goodness. I was ONLY ovulating. The little scheming egg's only trying to trick me into his/her trap.

Careful ladies! Evolutionary psychology says that our eggs will try to control us --- to fulfill their reason for being. So every desire to buy this... does not always mean you really need/want it. Ok?

From SM Centerpoint, Baby Land, 09/04/11 12:42PM

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