Monday, May 14, 2012

Yummylicious: Broadway Diner

(Sunday, 05/13/12) Brunch at Broadway Diner. This first meal, outside of the hotel, confirmed the following for this "virgin" visitor:

1. America = huge food servings
2. It's way better to be a customer outside of your own country (well, maybe we just got lucky)
3. American dollars go a loooong way when it comes to food... examine prices below... what will these amounts get us in pesos?

Bar... got overwhelmed with gastro-visio-economic bliss, I forgot
to take photos of the actual dining area.
But I made sure I got this... Her Royal Highness joined us for brunch.
Buffalo Wings (USD 8.99)

Porkchop (bigger than my phone) with customizable add-ons: two eggs,
toast and hash browns (USD 11.99)
Hamsteak, same add-ons (USD 9.99)
Jam all you want!

Publishing without V's permission (yet) to establish the "hugeness"

Did you collect the "coke" glasses from McDonald's? 
Theirs are bigger than my head. Would love to have this at home...

All the good stuff, great customer service and as we Filipinos say --- 
"bottomless" coffee and orange juice, for only USD 38.61

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  1. All these food posts are making me so hungry :)