Thursday, July 07, 2016

It is Nutrition Month. Yey! Yey! Yey?

Yeah, I bet only parents and teachers care. In fact, maybe only pre-school and gradeschool teachers care. I am a parent and I'm not crazy about all the spending, and cutting, and pasting, and sewing, and last-minute preparing, and wearing costumes which will go to waste after two hours, for these events.

It does not matter to me if my children don't know what living or nonliving thing they should be obsessing about for the month. I want my children to know how these concepts are (ACTUALLY) important. See these fruits that the Hubby and I turned to poor garland thingies? I want them to know what nutrients are present in every sweet bite. The hell do I care about them walking around like grocery mascots or retired christmas trees.

Next month, is Buwan Ng Wika. We've already been told that there will be a parade and the kids should be in Filipiniana attire. Boohoo. Shouldn't people just be speaking in their mother tongue the whole month instead of participating in patriotic cosplay? But hey, we're participating. We don't really have a choice. This is tradition. This is institutionalized shaming (initiation rites to the tyrannical and hierarchical culture of the academe). This is being told on a Thursday to create fruits and veggies decor for Friday, because the teachers want to know who among the parents can do it best. Mind you, they did not forget. They just want to test our abilities.

What can I say? Challenge accepted. Plus, as in all the years of being in school - moral of every academic celebration duly noted. Obedience.

TNLO: Do I have to do this when I go to school?

TLO: It looks good on you, lil' bro!
TNLO: I refuse to have biodegradable trash look good on me.

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