Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Car Printed?

I saw this over the weekend. Made me miss one of my mentors, a certified Hello Kitty addict. But it also made me wonder if:
1) our family will ever own a car
2) I will be willing to have something like this printed on it
3) Sir_Ko will allow it

Assuming it's a yes for all three, these are my top 10 choices. Ok, now I want my OWN car on top of a family car to justify the last two characters. I look like them. I really do.
  1. Pikachu
  2. Minions
  3. Bugs Bunny
  4. Pong Pagong & Kiko Matsing
  5. Shin Chan
  6. Voltes V
  7. Tinkerbell
  8. Mike Wazowski & James Sullivan
  9. Princess Merida (Brave)
  10. Eep (The Croods)

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