Wednesday, June 29, 2016

"Special" Feelings From "Finding Dory"

"Finding Dory" captured the ardent wishes of parents for their kids with special needs. For children with ASD To find love and care from strangers. For the little ones with down syndrome, cerebral palsy or ADHD to survive with minimal supervision. For the non-vocal, deaf, or blind, to find their courage, talents and strengths to be able to always come home, safe and whole. We wait and wait and wait for milestones and moments when they unlock their special gifts. And wish to have all the time and access to all possible resources to be able put shells in gaps where their minds and bodies' unique designs make it impossible to swim in the real ocean.

P.S. I think all parents have the same wishes. The level of fear and uncertainties vary though when your kid is a Dory, not a Nemo.

~Sunday, 06/26/2016

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