Thursday, May 26, 2016

Cakes & Pastries by Hazel

I learned about Hazel's artworks from Phleymz. When Phleymz's Yana-banana turned 2, Hazel made a cake that matched the colorful, beautiful and adorable toddler-self of the birthday girl.

Grabbed from the Facebook page of  Cakes & Pastries by Hazel

Who will not fall in love with such artistry? We definitely wanted something like it for TLO's 7th birthday too (theme to be revealed in a bit). While working with Hazel for the design of TLO's cake, I told Kleyr, my sister-from-another-mother, about the Cake Lady's magic. She was also preparing for Gabby's 7th birthday then and she shrieked and giggled when she saw the Darth Vader cake that Hazel made for one of her clients. Gabby is a Star Wars fan so imagine his shrieks and giggles when he saw his Star Wars cake.

Photos grabbed from the Facebook page of  Cakes & Pastries by Hazel

And now this... was for our little girl's 7th birthday. TLO and her brother and cousins are Minion addicts. We ordered a cake and a LOT of cupcakes. The cake and cupcake stand is a labor of love (family DIY, with the patient and encouraging guidance of Hazel). The Minion cake looked too real, I did not find the heart to do the slicing ceremony. Only the Lola had the courage to slice the Minion.

And last Friday, a former boss, mentor and Woman idol of mine traveled all the way from sunny California to celebrate her birthday with friends and fans. :D She loves Hello Kitty and travelling. So she wanted a cake with Hello Kitty on a plane and a luggage. I shared the birthday girl's wishes with Hazel and she made this awesome cake and 25 equally fatally cute cupcakes.

Photo by B'ley of Manila Eat Up. Sorry for the terrible resolution of your photo, B'ley, I just grabbed this from Ati's FB post.

Thank you for bringing color, love and joy in the dining table and in the hearts of everyone present in these events, Ms. Hazel. Sa uulit-ulitin!

Cakes & Pastries by Hazel
Contact Number: 0915 908 2383

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