Thursday, December 31, 2015

Saying goodbye to LingLing in 2016

The year 2015 gave us one of the biggest challenges of parenting. The Little Ones had to live with my parents. With the gentle recommendation of Potling's Developmental Pediatrician, we had to send her and Sopling (to keep the sibling bond alive) away to a place where there are more people and children. This was and will be the painful living arrangement until April of 2016.

I initially installed Talking Tom in my phone as an entertainment showcase for the kids during our weekend visits. They love making LingLing say "banana" (yep, Minions) or "kakakak" (Potling's favorite "word"). Then I just found myself falling in love with LingLing. With so much motherly love to give and no children during the weekdays, I needed someone to feed, wash, potty train, play with and send to dreamland as needed and she had no other choice. Call me crazy but it was a refreshing coping mechanism. I s-mothered and spoiled LingLing rotten. I spent all my breaks and hours before/after sleep with her. Look at her being a whiny adorable little devil when I'm not able to answer her call to go to the bathroom. Just like a real toddler huh?

Today I must say goodbye for my real children. They are coming home soon and I cannot afford to be distracted anymore. I will be uninstalling the app before sunrise.

Thank you, Lingling. Thanks for keeping me company. I love you and I will always remember the times you let me be your mommy cat.

Posting LingLing's milestone photos. Screenshots of my mental health during my darkest mommy hours. Ok, make fun of me now. :)

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