Saturday, July 18, 2015


Here is a little backdrop to this anticipated recurring theme of my #1001NannyChallenges post. We have been relying on nanny assistance since  2011. There was a 2-year long wait to find a nanny for TLO who was born in 2009. We have, time and again, questioned a lot of nanny hiring and management decisions we made as they have proven to have had permanent life changing impact (and damage) to our kids and our family.

The hubby and I are both full time employees. I work late afternoon or evening shifts while the hubby does the regularly more painful day schedule. We live very close to work and a couple of hours away from our child-rearing support system (our family aka doting grandparents and aunts and uncles). Simply put, we are on our own in Makati city. We don't own a car so this means access to our support system can be very expensive, time consuming (spell shitty t-r-a-f-f-i-c), stressful (cabs and cab drivers) and an overall ginormous logistical nightmare.

If you are on the same boat of harrowing concerns and considerations, you will most likely know that challenge#1 of #1001NannyChallenges is finding a nanny. We had to sacrifice being away from TLO (The Little One) during the first two years of her life because we took this advice to heart - whatever happens, do not hire from employment agencies. This led to two long years of weekend parenting. Eventually, we couldn't take it anymore and took the plunge. We actually used employement agencies and this led us to more mindfuck, mean-world-syndrome-inducing situations. I will write about these in the days to come.

For now, I would like to post a big shout out,  a dedication of sorts to fellow parents who are going through the same pains and woes. This series is for you and I'd love to hear about your stories too.

#1001NannyChallenges by the YummyliciousLady starts today. Apologies in advance for profanities and darkest of dark humor that may come your way.

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