Wednesday, April 09, 2014


Late post from 02/22/14, 1PM

After a year's worth of delay (usual turnover problem in the Philippines), two failed inspection sessions (ever heard of "kapak" tiles?) and one encounter with a property tour guide from hell (she told us that we can't test if the faucets and power switches/outlets are working)... we finally got the keys!

(L) Family pic at the door,  (M) With courteous, warm and service-oriented tour guide Jazzy,
(R) With The talented, dedicated and fab Architect/Interior Designer Red Fuertes

This is a 2-bedroom fully furnished unit at SM Jazz Residences. We have yet to move in as we need the place renovated. We need to put in elements that will help us maximize the small space in Meketeh Ceteh that we can afford. We also need to ensure that the unit will be able to address our needs for the next seven years (because the next big dream is to have a real house by then! pray for us!).

"Bahay namin maliit lamang,
Pero, pero, pero malinis 'to pati sa kusina"

Kitchen. Bye bye LPG days. I will need to adjust to electric stove cooking.

(L) Kids' bedroom, (R) Our bedroom
Living Room

I didn't like the photos of the bathroom that I took. But it's the most "spacious" room in the house. I don't understand why. Anyways, we're very excited to see this baby transform into what and how we envisioned it will and should be. 

Speaking of excitement, one of the biggest reasons behind my excitement is ready... but not yet operational. This is the view of the 6/F. The tower's pool area. The common area for the four towers, where the olympic size pool, more kiddie pools, function rooms/clubhouse area and jogging path are, is still under construction. So yeah, I don't see why we should be paying association dues without the complete set of amenities we signed up for. But what can you do against the good guys? Blah.

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