Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Bye Sexy Squid

I just found out from Zephyrinthesky that The Sexy Squid is dead. I don't know Sexy Squid personally but you can see that this blog links to his... I love it that he is into visual arts and writing short stories and poetry (I must admit it took days for me to get over the concept of semen art). He was only 21 years old when he died last August. According to Zephyrinthesky, "Sadly, in his last few days before he died, he succumbed to AIDS-related dementia and stopped taking his meds."

I strongly believe that if you have to stop doing what you love to do, you eventually die. So The Sexy Squid didn't really die because he stopped taking meds. He died because dementia stopped him from using his hands/mind for creation.

Which leads me to my next revelation of fear. My dear friend Zephyrinthesky, loves this someone to degrees I will never understand (but must tolerate). Now "this someone" is HIV+ and I'm afraid that if he passes on, my friend will lose what he loves most and might you know...

It's almost Christmas and I miss the good old days when Zephyrinthesky and I would color our hair together before we go to the company Christmas party. I miss his cursing and verbal abuse. I miss his rendition of Whitney's songs...

Basta iyon.

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