Thursday, March 22, 2012

Nerd Love Lasts

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Hubby's not from the BPO industry. Never tried it, never dabbled with any call center stuff. Over the weekend, I couldn't stop talking about call volume patterns. According to the experts, there's an unprecedented call volume trend that started early this year (or maybe late last year)... He takes a long pause and...

Him: How many years of historical data do you use to forecast call volume?
Me: Industry recommends 5 years.
Him: Oh, must be America's pre-recession demand. If you're using 5 years of data, that's from 2007... No longer applies... Even in the manufacturing industry, the pre-recession demand is back.

Had a wow moment there... why does this dude know so much...

Last Monday, one of the Operations Managers confirmed... All the craziness in call volume's indeed due to pre-recession demand. I wanted to see him right away to initiate, for lack of a better term, some unspeakable acts of flirting. Haha!

Ain't he hot?


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