Thursday, March 29, 2012


Hey ladies.... (not) trying to get pregnant? Or just plain curious? Try tracking your menstrual cycle! It's cool!!!

I never really understood our eggs and their precious dates so technology like this excites me.

Once upon a time, I tried I was religiously checking because we were trying to get pregnant. Eventually, I got tired of tracking and stopped checking. A few months after I gave birth, I accessed the account again... and lo and behold! TLO's conceptualization date was right there! Sakto. Kaya lang, site's all messed up now. So here's something new that works the same way...

FEMILIA.COM. Sample report below.

DISCLAIMER: I'm the only person I know who believes in this deal. So please, do not make this the solution to any of your egg problems. See a gyne! Now!

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